Most Solar installations are a huge investment, it is therefore important to make sure you are getting a good return on this investment. Many people are also interested in how solar power works and to see exactly how their system is performing.

Solution is an independent 3rd party multi-energy monitoring portal, which helps to:

Monitor almost any Solar inverter with a smart port, or Energy meters connected to measure energy production and consumption

Monitor one or many installations over the internet, even with different brand of equipment on the same site

Connect using Ethernet, Wifi or GPRS, monitor over web browser or mobile App. No SNMP card required

Measure the real solar energy production & battery performance, validate investment

Identify Under performance & increase energy production

Helps to manage performance over the lifetime of equipment, maximize returns

Enables vendors to ensure best technical support to their customers, and warranty claims are authenticated (no blind spots for customer, nor vendor)

Customized alerts & performance reports.

Grid, Inverter & Battery measurements & plotting allows remote troubleshooting

How it Works

To manage, and to ensure single or multi solar installations deliver what they are meant to, it is important to measure the critical elements in the plant, such as:

Solar Panels are producing as they should (are all PV strings functioning correctly?)

Inverter/Solar Charger is converting solar energy optimally & is correctly configured

Load is matching the inverter & does not deviate from initial plan

Where battery is used for storage, ensure it is charged & discharged according to manufacturers’ recommendations, load Vs backup time ratio and resulting lifetime predicted are within expectations

Where Solar is used to reduce Grid energy costs (Solar-Mains-Battery Hybrid Systems), monitoring grid behavior & its related impact on overall performance& benefit becomes essential, and appropriate system configurations are in place

Environment changes are tracked to understand its performance impact, and perhaps make changes to the usage pattern & system parameters to ensure optimize utilization, savings& product life

Monitor & Analyze usage patterns change over time, and make adjustments to system configurations as necessary to avoid degradation in performance or reduced product life

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